How to reinstall the operating system

In the previous article about the Blue Screen of Death, we talked about its causes, among them - bad or outdated drivers. If you have tried everything we proposed and nothing solved your problem, the only only thing you can do is to reinstall the operating system. In this article, we will briefly describe the process of the old operating system removal and the installation of the new one.

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What is the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Blue Screen of Death - is the screen that is displayed by the operating system Microsoft Windows, in case of critical errors. These errors usually occur because of outdated hardware drivers, so it's important to install only the latest drivers and update the already installed ones.

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How to protect your computer from malicious software

Malicious programs make a serious threat to PC users. In a previous article we talked about different kinds of malicious software, and their capabilities. There is no "bullet-proof" defense against malware, but you can greatly reduce the risk of their entry on your computer by following a few simple tips.

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Different types of malicious software

Malicious software is used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to one or more computers for any purpose. It is a serious threat to computer users. Malicious software is divided into different groups, according to two main criteria: the way it gets on a computer and the degree of harm caused by it.

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Automatic installation of drivers

In our times programs that automatically install and update drivers for devices are becoming more and more popular. This happens because inexperienced users do not know where to look for drivers, and experienced ones are hoping to install the drivers that improve performance and other characteristics of the computer. Despite the attractive interface, these programs have many negative sides, which will be discussed in this article.

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How to find and install driver

Almost always, manufacturers put one or more disks with software (drivers, utilites) for different operating systems into the box with the device. With these disks, the installation of drivers is trivial and does not take a long time. You simply insert the disc into your computer and follow the simple and intuitive instructions of drivers installation wizard.

But sometimes it is not that easy...

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What is a driver and why you need it

Often the user expects that his/her new device will work immediately after it has been switched on, such as TV. He/she gets surprised when a new device looks like it is broken after it was turned on for the first time. Confident computer users will quickly tell him/her that we need some drivers.

Let's figure out what they are talking about.

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